Family Law


The lawyers serving in our Family Law Practice Group offer a useful, responsive and dedicated technique to the resolution of divorce proceedings, modification proceedings and paternity actions. Our family lawyers also are able to handle simply family law cases with a very cost-conscious approach whenever necessary or desirable. Additionally, our family lawyers regularly negotiate and prepare prenuptial arrangements to secure business interests, inheritances, and other assets in case of divorce or death of a spouse.

Our family law attorneys strive to be creative in their strategy to resolve a situation and offer our clients the legal framework that is best suited to fix their disputes. Many times our clients are able to quickly and fairly resolve a family law dispute through negotiation or mediation, which is generally substantially less expensive than aggressively pursuing litigation and can oftentimes produce the same result. When a client agrees to pursue mediation we direct them throughout the mediation process and apply technique and skill in the manner most likely to help them amicably resolve their disputes. However, when such efforts fall short and litigation cannot be prevented, the experience and capability of each of our family law lawyers to handle the most advanced litigation issues allows us to effectively protect our clients’ rights, assets, and income.

In all elements of our family law practice, we work carefully with our clients to identify their objectives and achieve them in an efficient and practical way. We believe that our methodology produces a significant benefit to each of our clients and our family law attorneys are proud of the way in which they are able to serve our law firm’s clients.

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