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Are you a new entrepreneur or the owner of an established business, if you are in the process of building, incorporating, growing or updating your company, the business law attorneys at Ruesch & Reeve Law Firm are eager to provide you with the necessary legal assistance. We bring experience, expertise and unmatched customer service to our business clients.

Our attorneys solve legal issues arising from business relationships. We are experienced in evaluating, handling and resolving disputes before state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies using mediation and arbitration when appropriate. We can help with business disparagement, breach of contract claims, corporate litigation, deceptive and unfair business practices, tort claims and employment claims.

Business planning services are also provided. Business Planning is the process of analyzing the client’s prospective business or existing business, and determining the proper entity – whether that be a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, general partnership or sole proprietorship. The key issues in determining the proper business entity involve the short-term needs of the business, the long-term goals of the owners, and weighing those factors against the tax consequences and the complexities of the selective business entity. In Utah, many times business planning also involves succession planning, which involves buy-sell restrictions and a plan for transition of the business from one generation to the next.

Sole proprietors and family-owned businesses are represented as thoroughly as larger corporations.

I faced a problem with my company that needed the services of a corporate lawyer in Utah. As a small business owner, I don’t know much about it, but luckily Law Offices of Ruesch and Reeve helped me a lot. Thank you for the patience and the personal approach you gave me.

Curtis Y

My business partner decided to withdraw from the company, so we needed an expert corporate lawyer to help us with the details of the ownership of the company and its assets. We only ever call Ben With Ruesch and Reeve he knows what he is talking about and very knowledgable about business and corporate law.  There is no one else we trust with our business doings now.  

Samantha W

Ruesch and Reeve are the best. I was looking at purchasing an existing business when I found out that another buyer beat us in submitting our purchase offer. I emailed the team at Ruesch and Reeve and they were able at short notice to come through and deliver us a Letter of Intent (LOI) protecting our interests before the other buyers’ time frame expired. I definitely recommend these guys and will use them in my future business ventures.

Jace V

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