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The law office of Ruesch & Reeve is helping couples build their families and bring their dreams to fruition through adoption.


Know the law. It’s on your side. Learn more about the common bankruptcy myths.

Business & Corporate Law

Our attorneys solve legal issues arising from business relationships. 

Construction Law

Our firm represents all aspects of construction litigation and disputes, representing individuals, property owners, businesses, general contractors, and subcontractors.

Criminal Defense

If you are facing a criminal charge of any kind, it is imperative that you seek professional legal advice and representation as soon as possible. A range of penalties are at stake.

Estate Planning & Probate

We provide standard estate planning for smaller estates, as well as estate planning for larger more complex estates.

Family Law

In all elements of our family law practice, we work carefully with our clients to identify their objectives and achieve them in an efficient and practical way.

Immigration Law

Our firm serves clients from all over the world with U.S. Immigration matters. We can help with the Naturalization process and Citizenship, Tourist Visas and Temporary work permits.

Land Use & Zoning

Our attorneys advise a diverse clientele, including individuals, businesses and government agencies on matters involving property acquisition, 


 Our attorneys have successfully litigated in arbitration and complex trials with positive outcomes in state and federal courts.

Mining Law

Legal services for companies that explore, mine, process and sell base and precious metals, coal, industrial minerals and aggregates and cement.

Personal Injury

We understand the trauma when you or a loved one is injured in an accident. Your life can be turned upside down as you juggle getting the medical help you needand what the financial impact will be to your family.

Real Estate Development & Finance

Real Estate is a specialty at Ruesch and Reeve. Our experience allows quick responses to your questions, quality service, and prompt attention. 


We work closely with local and state governments we will find resolution to your water right issues.

Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Nielsen during an immigration case. Its good to know that Utah has a smart immigration attorney available for the people who need it. Anytime you need anything you can always reach out to our firm.
Charles Zavala

Listen… these guys know how to take care of customer’s and get the job done. Attorneys are a dime a dozen… one that get’s results and actually cares about their customers are few and far between… these guys are one of the few!
Colton Lindsay

I have recently worked closely with Ryan. I felt he always represented our best interest. He never missed a call, email, text and never failed to respond. I was inpressed with his knowledge and dedication. I strongly recomend him and his firm.
Aaron Harmon

Firm News

Utah Water Rights

Utah Water Rights

Each state has valuable water resources. Inside the Department of Natural Resources, lies the Division of Water Rights. They delegate and distribute natural water resources to the state’s population as requested. In Utah, you must own a water right to use and...

Bankruptcy In The Time of Covid-19

Bankruptcy In The Time of Covid-19

uring the COVID-19 crisis, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to almost a new record high at over 14%. With the closing of non-essential businesses, companies are having no choice but to lay off their workers. Leading to personal financial crises within families all across the nation. Knowing if or when it’s time to file for bankruptcy is important in this time of crisis. Ruesch and Reeve Law are here to break down the facts and support you during this overwhelming financial loss.

Managing Your Mortgage Payment During Covid-19

Managing Your Mortgage Payment During Covid-19

During these uncertain times, it’s natural to worry about making your regular mortgage payments – especially if you have already fallen behind on your account, or if your family has suffered COVID-19 related job losses. The unemployment rate in Utah is currently at 3.6%, and 4.4% in the nation.

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