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Are you one of the thousands in Utah who find themselves under water on their mortgage? The sky rocketing housing prices followed by the sharp economic downturn has left many unable to keep ahead of their mortgage payments. It is a desperate situation.

Have you attempted a loan modification with your lender? If so, you have probably felt the frustration of dealing with the bank as they make you submit the same paperwork several times, only to deny the modification, after taking payment.

We can help. Our firm has the answers you need. We have fought for the rights of homeowners throughout the state of Utah. We even recently forced Bank of America and Recontrust to produce an original promissory note, which was a groundbreaking decision for Utah homeowners. We will sit down with you and discuss your personal goals regarding your property and then work for your goals. We confront your lender with discovery requests, making their legal battle much more difficult and increasing the time you have in your home and offer them incentives to properly deal with your case.

Call us immediately for the relief you are looking for.

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Southern Utah attorney wins federal court victory in foreclosure proceeding